The Butt & Pass Log Cabin
This log building method is extremely simple!
~ If you have ever dreamed of owning a log home but could'nt seem to bear the expensive costs it takes to build one.
~ If you have wanted to own your own home debt free or with very little borrowed money.
~ If you thought you could never build a custom handcrafted log cabin using large & impressive logs.
The DVD also includes valuble tips for aquiring free or cheap logs. It also includes advice for saving over 70% on lumber & material costs, even how to get some free materials.
Also included is a proven recipe on how to make your own log preservative, so that your cabin will last for many years to come.
Additional Benefits:
This detailed instructional DVD will help you.....
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This log building method uses Butt & Pass corners. This is when one log butts into the other & the corrosponding log passes by to complete the corner, which results in NO complicated, time consuming notch work.
Summary of Benefits:
~Build with little or no Mortgage
~Build with "Green" or Wet Logs - No waiting years for logs to dry
~This Method is Simple & Easy to build, most anyone can learn it
~No Complicated Notching, Butt & Pass Corners
~Build with Large & Impressive Logs
~Learn how to get Logs Free or Cheap
~Learn how to get Lumber Free or Cheap
~Learn how to get most supplies Free or Cheap
~Also includes a Photo Gallery, 120+ Photos of an actual
Log Home Construction Project
This DVD will teach you about:

+A simple foundation anyone can build
+Tools needed that most already have
+Stacking & Aligning Logs
+Chinking with Synthetics & Mortar
+Installing Doors & Windows
+Installing Floor Systems
+Installing A Roof System
For some sample Photos and for placing an order for the instructional DVD!
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